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OOP questions and its adhamian answers

Posted: August 4, 2010 in OOP

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Alsalamo alikom wa rahmato allahe wa barakato ,

After finishing my 8th chapter in “OOP demystified ” book , i wrote some questions and answers to them from my point of view , i listed some of them below :-

What is abstract object and real object ?
Abstract object is the object – the details , like the class is an abstract object but the object itself is a real object , that is because the real object actually holds data , not just say that it exsits …
Why we need to declare the type of our variables ?
We need that for two main purposes :-

  1. The computer need to know how much space to allocate for that variable ..
  2. The computer uses this piece of information to determine what operations to be performed on that variable , like integer variable can’t be transformed to uppercase , or string variables can’t be summed ..

What is the diffrence between instance variable and just variable ?
Instance variables are variables of the class , so it is not allocated for untill his object is instantiated , but normal variables are allocated for when the compiler reach them ..
What is initialzation and instantiation ?
Initialization is the process of setting a variable value , like name = “Adham”; , but instantiation is the process of determining the type of the variable so the computer can allocate memory for it , like String name; here you order the computer to allocate memory for a variable called name of type String .
What is Encapsulation ?
It is the process of combining the procedure and the attributes in one block called  the object .
Why to use Encapsulation ?
We may use it to some organizational reasons ( just groupping related data and behaviours togather ) , but the main purpose of it is Protection , accepting only proper data , for instance this is a PHP function to register a new student in a course :-
function register_student($student_id,$course_id){
// do the registration

Any two parameters are accepted here even if they are not a student’s data !! , but using Encapsulation , you combine attributes and behaviours into an object so you can prevent non-student objects from registering themselves allowing only student objects …

Why we make setters and getters for private or protected properties ?
For setters we can use them to validate the new values , for getters we may use them for outputting on a specific manner like :-
class Student {
private status ;
public void setStatus(int status){
this.status = 1;
if(status == 0){
this.status = 0;

public Stirng  getStatus(){
if(this.status == 0){
return “Success”;
return “Fail”;

What is Encapsulation ?
It is the process of combining the procedure and the attributes in one block called  the object .
What are the types of Inheritance ?
Inheritance has three types :-

  1. Simple inheritance : class SubClass extends SuperClass ;
  2. Multiple inheritance : not supported in java , but it is simulated usnig interfaces .
  3. Level inheritance : when class a is a b is a c .

What are the differences between function and functionality ?
If we have a class represents a dog and another a human , both have common Function which is walking , but they have a different Functionality which is how they do the common function , for instance a human walks on two legs but the dog on four , so Function is something we do but Functionality is how do we do this Function .
Can any class implement some not all interface methods ?
If a class is abstract it can implemet an interface and don’t define all of its methods , But if this abstract class was subclassed , the sub class must implement the remaining methods because the subclass in fact implements this interface .
What are the common mistakes concerned with abstraction ?

There are three common errors concerned with abstraction :-

  1. Trying to instantiate an abstract class .
  2. Trying to call an abstract method from the super class .
  3. Forgetting to define an abstract metod in the subclass .

ISA i will post here regularly about Java from now on !!